Spire Leather

Spire Leather Company took over the historical Clayton street tannery in 2018 and continues its excellence in all aspects of leather production.

We are traditional tanners and manufacturers of high quality products. Our leathers are well received for their quality by well-known cricket ball producers, distinguished shoemakers, top bridle and saddle makers and leather goods manufactures worldwide.

When you purchase leather from Spire Leather, you know that it has been meticulously manufactured at our tannery at Clayton Street, Chesterfield by our devoted team of craftsmen.

We offer a wide range of leathers, including traditional vegetable pit tanned, chromium and aluminium tanned and cordovan. 

About Leather

Leather is one of the oldest known materials and likely the first natural material that was chemically modified by man. 

Leather is a natural product deriving from animal hides and skins which have been preserved by means of tanning.

Tanning is the permanent preservation of the animal hide and with further processing is then converted into leather.

At this stage leather can be given many and varied characteristics a truly engineered product for the client's specific application.

Types of Leather We Produce

Technical/ Industrial Leather

Equestrian Leather

Fashion Leather

Cricket Ball Leather

Re-enactment Leather