Spire Leather Company

Spire Leather Company took over the historical Clayton Street tannery in 2018 and continues its excellence in all aspects of leather production. 

We are traditional tanners' and manufacturers of high quality products. Our leathers are well received for their quality by well-known cricket ball producers, distinguished shoemakers, top bridle and saddle makers and leather goods manufactures worldwide. 

When you purchase leather from Spire Leather, you know that it has been meticulously manufactured at our tannery at Clayton Street, Chesterfield by our devoted team of craftspeople who have a wealth of experience in Leather making.

We offer a wide range of leathers, including traditional vegetable pit tanned, chromium and aluminium tanned and cordovan. 

History of the tannery

The tannery on Clayton Street has a long history of producing top quality leather. Joseph Clayton in the mid 1800’s built two tannery's in Chesterfield, the tannery on Clayton Street is the last still operating in this area.

During to the industrial revolution the need for leather was almost out weighed by demand. This was the peak of the tanneries success with over 420 pits for tanning and 100 employees.


During World War I the tannery played a large part in providing leather to the military and the time after the war was an important moment in the tannery's history, with the leather was reaching all corners of the UK and being exported to the USA and soon the rest of the world.


In 2018, Spire Leather Company took over the Clayton Street tannery and still keeps to the tradition instilled in it in the 1800’s, however, we believe to grow and provide the best leather for our customers, we have to be as adaptable and forward thinking as any other company in the 21st century. We still adhere to produce the best of British leather but are always pushing ourselves to do better. 

Ethical Supply Chain

Integral to our ethos here at Spire Leather is respecting the raw materials we use. Tracing our leather back to its original source and knowing the product history ensures that we are only using the best hides to make the best in British hand finished leather.

When you purchase leather from Spire Leather, you know that it has been meticulously manufactured at our tannery at Clayton Street, Chesterfield by our devoted team of craftspeople.

Only the best quality cattle hides from the UK, and buffalo hides from the Far East and Europe, are carefully selected for our leather production. We pride ourselves in that, from field to finish, all United Kingdom hides used by us are fully traceable back to their original source and are a by product of the meat industry. All our hides are traceable throughout the entire leather-making process.


Best of British Quality

Being the best in British hand finished leather means being certain that only the finest quality leather is being produced throughout our entire process. Knowing our supply chain is the beginning of this quality, nevertheless it doesn’t end there. We also have careful quality control measures in place at every stage of production; ensuring that no imperfections, no matter how slight, are overlooked by our craftspeople.

Consequently, it is safe to say that only the most flawless British leather leaves our tannery and finishing shop ready for life as a high quality leather product. Pride from field to finish.

However, we at Spire Leather also believe in the old British saying ‘waste not want not’. Although we strive to produce the Best in British leather, not every hide is perfect and we as people are not always perfect. The by-products and leather that is not suitable for our client's needs is just one area we are experimenting with and pushing innovation by creating new products with this material.